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Above Ground "Pool Pumps"

© Hayward Power-Flo Pump
hayward pump ...side discharge out top shown above

Above Ground "Pool Pumps".....................................................
Hayward, Sta-rite, Pentair, Pac-fab, Jacuzzi, Speck, Magnetek, G.E., A.O.Smith, Franklin, Emerson, Purex, Century
1/2 H.P. 40 G.P.M.SP1540,SP1750,SP1500UN Pump $189.00 and up
3/4 H.P. 50 G.P.M.SP1575,SP1775,SP1510UN Pump $199.00 and up
1 H.P. 60 G.P.M.SP1575X10,SP1580,SP1780Pump $219.00 and up
1.5 H.P. 68 G.P.M.SP1580X15 Hayward Pool Pump $239.00 and up

3/4 h.p. 50 G.P.M.Premier,Waterway,Aqua-flo.. $179.00 and up
1 h.p. 60 G.P.M.Premier,Waterway,Aqua-flo.. $189.00 and up
1.5 h.p. 68 G.P.M.Premier,Waterway,Aqua-flo.. $199.00 and up
2 h.p. 76 G.P.M.Waterway,Aqua-flo,WMC.Pumps $229.00 and up
3 h.p. 85 G.P.M.Waterway,Aqua-flo,WMC.Pumps $259.00 and up
4.5 h.p. 96 G.P.M.Waterway,Aqua-flo,WMC.Pumps $289.00 and up
5 h.p. 122 G.P.M.Waterway,Aqua-flo,WMC.Pumps $329.00 and up
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! Yes we have these Pumps in 2 speeds !

Pumps available with ;
Top center outlet,Side discharge out the top,Side discharge ( out the side ).

Above Ground "Pool Motors"

Hayward Power Flow Motor,Power Flow Motor,Aqua-Flo ,American Products Motor Haywarwd Power Flow Motor,Power Flow Motor,Aqua-Flo Motor,American Products Pump Motor Haywarwd Power Flow ,Power Flow ,Aqua-Flo Pump Motor,American Products Hayward Motor,Power Flow Motor,Aqua-Flo ,American Products Haywarwd Power ,Power Flow Motor,Aqua-Flo ,American Products

Above Ground "Pool Pump Motor" Prices

Above Ground Pool Pump " Motor " Prices.............
3/4 H.P. A.O.Smith,Franklin,G.E.,Century,Magnetek,Emerson Motor $129.00 and up
1 H.P. A.O.Smith,Franklin,G.E.,Century,Magnetek,Emerson Motor $149.00 and up
1 1/2 H.P. A.O.Smith,Franklin,,Century,Magnetek,Emerson Motor $169.00 and up
2 H.P. A.O.Smith,Franklin,G.E.,Century,Magnetek,Emerson Motor $199.00 and up
3 H.P.A.O.Smith,Franklin,G.E.,Century,Magnetek,Emerson Motor. $219.00 and up
4 1/2 H.P. A.O.Smith,Franklin,G.E.,Century,Magnetek,Emerson.. $249.00 and up

! Yes we have these motors in 2 speeds !

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In Ground --> Pool Pump <-- Prices

Hayward Super pump, Sta-Rite dura-glas pump ,Pac-Fab Challenger pump, Hayward Superpump ,Sta-Rite maxi-glas ,Pentair Challenger pump  ,
Hayward Max-flo 2 and Hayward Super Pump shown above

In Ground --> " Pool Pump " <-- Prices.....................................................

Hayward Superpump, Pentair Superflo, Pentair Challenger, Pentair Whisperflo, Sta-rite Dura-glas, Max E Glas, Sta-rite Max E Pro, Jacuzzi Magnum, Jandy Stealth, Pentair, Speck Pumps, Sta-rite Dyna-pro, Waterco Hydrostar, Waterco Hydrostar Plus, and many more!

3/4 H.P. Pump $319 and up
1 H.P. Pump $349 and up
1 1/2 H.P. Pump $369 and up
2 H.P. Pump $419 and up
2 1/2 H.P. Pump $469 and up
3 H.P. Pump $549 and up
5 H.P. Pump $1189 and up
7 H.P. Pump $1349 and up

Hayward Max-flo, Sta-rite Dyna-glas, Pentair SuperFlo, Jacuzzi Cygnet, Pentair, Premier, Waterway Pumps, and more!

3/4 H.P. Pump $299 and up
1 H.P. Pump $329 and up
1 1/2 H.P. Pump $349 and up
2 H.P. Pump $389 and up
2 1/2 H.P. Pump $429 and up
3 H.P. Pump $549 and up

! Yes we have these Pumps in 2 speeds !

! Yes we stock Variable Speed Pool Pumps !

Pool Pump Motors

phone the pool pump store. ph 888-445-0821
Help for Pools
Help for Pools

Cent ury Centurion Pool and Spa duty A.O. Smith motors shown above

In Ground "Pool Pump Motor" Prices

In Ground --> Pool Pump " Motor " <-- Prices.......
3/4 H.P.Pump Motor $149 and up
1 H.P. Pump Motor $169 and up
1 1/2 H.P. Pump Motor $199 and up
2 H.P. Pump Motor $229 and up
2 1/2 H.P.Pump Motor $259 and up
3 H.P.Pump Motor $299 and up

We stock A.O.Smith, Century, Magnetek, G.E., Franklin, Emerson, Marathon Electric, and more! 27 U.S locations

New Complete Pump complete --> pump Housing Kits <-- Stocking several brands. Exact fit to your motor and piping. Parts interchange with leading brands.
Pump Parts Housing Help

We stock pump kits for 48Y frame motors, 56Z frame motors, 56J frame motors, 56C frame motors, 56Y Frame motors...
phone 888-445-0821 for pump pricing.

In Ground ~ Pool Pump Housing ~ Prices

These kits have it all...just add your motor...
available in thermoplastic / bronze / cast iron / brass
residential and commercial pool pumps

In Ground Pool Pump "Wet End" Prices....This includes E V E R Y T H I N G ....New Minus the "Motor".........several brands in stock ........... for those who have a good motor...
3/4 H.P. 56J Pump Kits $189 and up
1 H.P. 56J Pump Kits $199 and up
1 1/2 H.P. 56J Pump Kits $209 and up
2 H.P. 56J Pump Kits $219 and up
2 1/2 H.P. 56J Pump Kits $249 and up
3 H.P. 56J Pump Kits $269 and up

exact fit to motor and pipes in 1 1/2"- 2" and up. larger H.P. also in stock
Phone 888-445-0821 Pool Pump housings with seals

Pump Parts Housing Help
Specialty Water Feature and Waterfall Pumps... Hi Flow Pumps with lower pressures... we have a pump for every application... Prices...

Pentair Challenger AFP, Pentair EQW, Sta-rite ,Purex, Marlow, Speck Pumps and many more!

77 GPM. Pump $459 and up
108 GPM. Pump $529 and up
145 GPM Pump $599 and up
168 GPM Pump $749 and up
225 GPM Pump $1088 and up
260 GPM Pump $1169 and up
305 GPM Pump $1349 and up
355 GPM Pump $1429 and up

Pump Parts Housing Help
Commercial " Pool Pump " Prices ......

Sta-Rite D Series, DMJ, CSP Series, Purex C Series, EQWK, CMK, CHK, L Series, Aqua-Flo A, AE, AT, AC, ACT Series, Premier 455, 456, 658 Series, Marlow SC, SL, L SC, 4SPC, 3B, Jacuzzi 1000 Series, Berkley, and many more... Piping from 2 1/2" to 8" Brones commercial pool pumps and cast iron commercial pool pups are in stock.

3 H.P. Pump $988 and up
5 H.P. Pump $1249 and up
7 1/2 H.P. Pump $1469 and up
10 H.P. Pump $2188 and up
15 H.P. Pump $2889 and up
20 H.P. Pump $3529 and up
25 H.P. Pump $3979 and up
30 H.P. Pump $4689 and up

We Know Your Pump From The --> "Inside Out." <--
All products sold are new with full mfg. warranties.

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